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A rediscovered classic about frustrated masculinity in America's Great Depression. Classically out of place in a town built on celluloid dreams, Fante's literary fiction was full of torn grace and redemptive vengeance.

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Fante published several other novels, as well as stories, novellas and screenplays in his seventy-four years, including The Brotherhood of the Grape and Was A Bad Year posthumously, He was posthumously recognised in with a Lifetime Achievement Award by PEN in Los Angeles, four years after his death from diabetes-related complications.

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There is something about the way its written that gets to the reader. It could come off a little whiny, a little pessimistic but as you read on, you realize its neither-its just the reality of life which most of us are either not aware of, or choose not to see.

Wait until spring, Bandini

Its sarcastic and bitter and just so unsettling. The writing is unlike anything that you usually come across-its a real winner. It is sad that the author has not been as appreciated as he deserves to be.

While the characters that are important are clearly defined, while some other, the ones who are mere backgrounds are a blurry backdrop to these strong voices. Initially you might find it a little whiny, till you get attuned to the writing style.

Wait Until Spring, Bandini - The CEO Library

It is not one of those books that make you hopeful or paint a rosy picture of life, but quite the contrary- and that might not sit well with some readers. It is a interesting read, and has you turning the pages real quick. It is intriguing, and shows a side of life that not many of us are aware of. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, which left a strange after taste. That was the odd thing, because Maria Bandini was a woman who looked upon all the living and the dead as souls.

Wait Until Spring, Bandini

Maria knew what a soul was. A soul was an immortal thing she knew about. A first novel, brief, virile, written with definite artistry. A few weeks in the lives of a poverty-stricken first generation Italian-American family, a bricklayer, his wife and his three sons.


During the winter months, Bandini is out of work, and takes a job with a wealthy local widow, and is unfaithful to the withered Maria. The eldest son takes a wrong path, he steals a dime for the movies, he steals his mother's wedding cameo for his girl. The second son is an altar boy.

The wife is slowly wasting away, while she prays constantly that her husband return to her. A bleak and realistic portrait, unrelieved, told with sobriety and skill, with strong emotional undercurrents.

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